Like You Could EVER Replace Me…

by Phoenix on March 25, 2012

Oh we both know you’ve tried. You thought you were strong enough to pull away and look for someone else. You thought, maybe the grass was greener on the other side. You were wrong. You stupid asshole! I mean really? You were really giving MY MONEY to some other girl? And you thought I wouldn’t know about it. You stupid fuck! How did that work out for you? We both know that she didn’t fuck you like I fuck you. She’s not me and you’re a stupid idiot. You couldn’t stay away and now look at you, broke as fuck. You shouldn’t have given her MY MONEY, cuz then you had to pay me back what you gave her and you had to double it. I hope you have to work your stupid ass off for the next month to pay off your credit card debt and I hope you learned your lesson. No one can money fuck like I money fuck. No one owns you as good as I own you. You love the sound of my voice, you love the games I play with you, you love how sometimes I money fuck you reeeeeaaaaaallll slow and other times I do it FAST and HARD! Others have strayed but they always know what’s good for them and they always come back to Phoenix.

Nobody can money fuck you like I can. It’d be best for you to remember that. LOSER!


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