It Doesn’t Take Much

by Phoenix on February 25, 2012

Before you fall in love with me. Before you want to give me everything you have. It doesn’t take long before you become addicted to me. It’s not hard for me to become your entire life. You will start to put my happiness before your own. When that happens, you will know you are done in. You will know that there is NOTHING that you can do now, except submit to me. I will take you, I will take all control, I will take everything you have and I won’t think twice about it. It’s not really taking when you are so willing to give. So what are you waiting for, call me so I can start doing what I do best.


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Alex April 9, 2012 at 4:15 pm

I accidentally found your site and couldn’t stop myself from clicking “Enter!” Once in, I continually gazed at your photos and kept reading and dwelling on your every word as you convinced me I needed a good money fucking. Then with this BLOG, you quickly had me at “done in”! Knowing that there was nothing I could now do, you had me right where you wanted, ready to submit to you! Had you been available to take calls, I know you would now have me well on my way to ruin as you took everything I have, but all is still safe! I’ll try not return again and call you even though I deserve to have you money fuck me!


Alex August 7, 2013 at 3:22 pm

Oh, (sigh) Phoenix!

I keep coming back to this entry to read and re-read it, taking its message in, letting it take hold of me, knowing if I were to call you, you would quickly “do what you do best” and give me the money fucking I badly need and deserve! (sigh) Thank you so much for what you are slowly doing to me!


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