by Phoenix on September 18, 2013

Your wife went to a luncheon with a group of her friends and she decides to pick up the bill, only to find out that her card was DECLINED! Her face is bright red and she is completely mortified! She tumbles through her Louis Vuitton wallet and hands the waiter another card. He comes back and he says “Mam, your card is no good!”

She calls you in a panic and asking you where is all the money? You play dumb and tell her that you don’t know and not to panic, you tell her you will take care of it. You of course know, don’t you? You have been giving your money to ME! I have sucked you dry and now your snob of a wife doesn’t have money for her luxury life style anymore.

 It makes your cock throb knowing I am out buying expensive gifts for myself with your money but now your wife is effected by this and she is upset.

 If you think I care about your sobbing wife, I don’t! You and I both know I can make your life a living hell if you stop giving me your hard earned cash. If only your wife knew where all the money went? It only takes a phone call! If she thinks that having her credit cards rejected at her little luncheon with her friends was totally humiliating, she hasn’t seen anything yet!

 Sorry wifey, but Phoenix needs to get paid!



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