You’re Unworthy

by Phoenix on May 4, 2011

I get sooooo many guys who try, they think they can measure up but they never can. They aren’t good enough to roll with me, they aren’t sexy enough to fuck me, let alone THINK about fucking me. So instead they have to pay up or get humiliated, and some have to do both.  Humiliation Phone Sex is so fun to me. I love getting these sissy losers who love for me to make fun of them. But if you are calling for that, be prepared to tell me everything I ask. And be prepared to PAY UP! I love humiliating you and then emptying your pathetic little wallet. Don’t call me if you aren’t ready to open up that wallet and spread it WIDE open for a girl like me. I don’t fuck around with money fucking and I won’t fuck around with just anyone. We both know you won’t be worthy but your money ALWAYS is!

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