Take a long look

by Phoenix on June 3, 2011

Hey there loser! You know that’s what you are! I want you to take a LONG look at my pictures, check me out. Did you get that good look? Well good because what you see is all you’re ever gonna get. I am way too good for you and you know it.

I seem to attract a lot of you losers. I keep getting emails and IM’s from you all wanting a piece of me. Even though there’s a lot of Phoenix to go around, some of you are just not even worth my time. I hate to say it but sometimes even buying my time isn’t enough for me to to want to associate with you. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE MONEY but even money won’t help some of you losers get the chance to be with me. Shit, half of you can’t even afford me. You may try and talk the talk and walk the walk but I can spot a fake from a mile away. Guys with money, don’t have to flaunt it, they don’t have to brag about it. Money just oozes out of them, it’s in their aurora.

Most of you just DON’T have it! You will never have it, no matter how hard you try.


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